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15 Years of The One Motorcycle Show

Recently up in the PNW (Pacific Northwest), we arrived in Portland, Oregon excited to attend The One Motorcycle Show. The custom motorcycle show celebrated its 15th anniversary this year and it did not disappoint! The One Moto Show is a gathering of all things motorcycle. There is something for everyone: race bikes, vintage bikes, handcrafted customs, electrics, restored bikes, motorcycle art, gear, live bands, beverages (cold brews-coffee and beer), and the folks from all walks of life that love belonging to the motorcycle family.

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Flat Out Friday In Portland

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin they have a winter tradition that gathers together everyone on a February weekend for all things motorcycle, called the Mama Tried Show. On Friday night, during the show, fans pack the Fiserv Forum for an annual race night called Flat Out Friday. Nathan Baron attended and covered these events for Road Dirt the past couple of years. We compared notes over the phone about the mischief and shenanigans Geoff and I experienced at Flat Out Friday when they made their inaugural debut on the West Coast, at the Portland Expo Center, as part of the 15th annual One Motorcycle Show.

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Flat Out Friday 2024

Milwaukee, Wisconsin once again roared to life with the thunderous excitement of Flat Out Friday 2024. This indoor flat track motorcycle race, a prelude to the much-anticipated Mama Tried Motorcycle Show, took place at the Fiserv Forum on Friday, February 23rd, 2024. The event, presented by Harley-Davidson, showcased a unique blend of speed, skill, and spectacle, cementing its status as a must-see event in the heart of the Midwest. Although this was only our 2nd year attending, the race night actually originated in 2014, making this year extra special as Flat Out Friday’s 10-year anniversary.

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A Weekend at Mama Tried and Flat Out Friday

When asked what defines Milwaukee’s motorcycle culture, there are two things that come to mind. As most would first guess, the world renowned motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson is preeminent (Royal Enfield North America is HQed here as well). But that’s not what this story is about, so what’s #2 you ask? The Flat Out Friday/Mama Tried Moto Show weekend: a cold, wintery, “long weekend” that Milwaukee’s moto community has dedicated to flat track and boonie bike races, custom show bikes, questionable decisions and an opportunity to bring the riding community together.

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Corona Tried

Coronavirus ‘Tried’ but did NOT succeed. Although the much-anticipated festivities that normally take place during the Flat Out Friday & Mama Tried weekend were postponed, the Milwaukee moto community did not disappoint.

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