Author: Rob Brooks

Plastic Fairing Welding

After a mishap in a parking lot with his 2003 BMW K1200 recently, Steve was left with several busted up pieces of plastic fairing. Most of us would just bite the bullet and spring for OEM replacement parts, or try to source used replacements online, but Steve took a different tack- he looked up how to weld plastic.

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Three Amigos Ride Baja

An extended road trip across the deep Southwest has long been one of my bucket list items. Last year, I fulfilled that dream, in grand fashion. MotoQuest, one of America’s premier motorcycle tour companies, granted me the opportunity to ride along on one of their “Baja Adventure“ tours, from Cabo San Lucas at the bottom of the peninsula, 1500 miles north to Los Angeles. It simply doesn’t get any more “deep southwest” than Baja.

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Diamond Gusset Jeans

At a recent Great American Motorcycle Show, I had the privilege to meet with David Hall of Diamond Gusset Jean Company, a unique, all-American outfit based in Bon Aqua, Tennessee. Among their many and varied jean styles, they manufacture a “biker jean”, with fantastic features I’ve never seen before in a riding jean. Hall outfitted both Born to Ride’s Ron Galletti and me with a pair of their “Defender” riding jeans, for the purpose of giving our impressions and suggestions, as well as penning an evaluation for our readers.

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In My Blood

Motorcycles are in my blood, in my DNA. I’ve seen them under a microscope, floating in my blood stream, riding the highways and byways of my veins and arteries. Microscopic sport bikes, cruisers, old classics, inherited from my mother and father, racing through my circulatory system, dodging in and out of the red cell traffic, avoiding the white cell cops.
I was born to ride.

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