Month: June 2019

Best Roads of the Upper Left, Part 1

Hit the reset button on all of the stereotypes you once held about the Pacific Northwest,  i.e.  it rains all the time, the locals are grumpy, the beer is warm and the roads are crap. True, there is a tiny spot in the state where disgruntled natives seek shelter in the local Starbucks, staring into their devices while moss grows between their toes. However, there’s more to the story.

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Dented Rim Repair, Part 2

About a week after dropping the Triumph Bonneville Street Cup rim off with Howard at Metro Wheels, they gave me a call to inform me the rim was ready. Howard and crew had it trued within a millimeter, with minimal damage to the paint and finish. To say I was pleased and relieved is an understatement.

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Jake Gagne- Anything Two Wheels

I first met Jake Gagne at the opening round of the 2019 MotoAmerica road racing season at Road Atlanta. I already had birthed an idea about a story on Jake, but had yet to make contact with him. While photographing Junior Cup racers out by the “Esses” section of the track, Jake slowly pedaled by me on a black mountain bike, a grin on his face and his trademark ponytail pulled through a baseball cap. I called out, “Jake Gagne, I presume!” He stopped, extended a handshake, and we struck up a conversation…

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NHRA Top Fuel Harley

Road Dirt contributing photographer Brandon Johnson attended the Bristol, Tennessee round of the NHRA Drag Racing Series last weekend. The races included a category known as the Mickey Thompson Top Fuel Harley, a 10-race schedule of the fastest motorcycle drag races in the country. Brandon got some outstanding shots, and we just had to share some of our faves from his amazing weekend in the hills of Tennessee.

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Spirit of 76

Too often, kind words spoken about someone are said when it’s too late. A memorial service is the wrong time to express the influence a person had on your growth, the way they counter-steered your development in the right direction, how they shepherded your life. I will not make that mistake.

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Looking Into The Hourglass

Nestled deep in the North Georgia foothills, outside of a town called Homer no less, down a winding country road, lies the hidden gem of a classic and race bike collection, owned by a retired racer and team owner in vintage motorcycle racing. Keith Campbell has not only amassed an outstanding assortment of timeless motorcycles, he has preserved many of the bikes he and his son Kyle once raced. Humbly referring to himself as simply an “enthusiast,” Keith nevertheless has achieved much in the sport, both in riding and racing.

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Dented Rim Repair

About two weeks ago, I rode the Triumph Bonney to work at Phoenix Roasters, a coffee company I do a bit of work for. While returning home, I took a few side roads with sweeping curves and thrilling corners. Diving into a right hand turn, I took it at a deep lean, looking up and through the corner. Suddenly, I was jarred by a violent “Ba-BAM!” mid-corner, shocking me with an unexpected impact. I never lost control of the bike, but it shook me up. I was close to home, within 2 miles, so I cautiously limped the bike to the house…

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AFT At the Red Mile

The Lexington Red Mile in Kentucky saw the return of native son Roger Hayden over the weekend, of the famed Hayden racing family. Roger retired from MotoAmerica at the end of the 2018 season, after stellar years in the road racing world. Estenson Racing offered Hayden the opportunity to fill in for JD Beach, the reigning MotoAmerica Supersport champion, who raced at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin over the weekend.

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